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Athletic Training | Injury Prevention

Have You Been Injured Playing Sports?

Athletic Training & Injury Prevention

Although we pride ourselves on the excellent care we provide to our patients with acute and chronic conditions, we believe strongly in the focus on preventative measures in healthcare. We've developed Athlete Training and Injury Prevention counseling and sessions.

What Is Athlete Training and Injury Prevention?

We’ve developed a program aimed to help patients effectively avoid trouble before it begins with our Athlete Training and Injury Prevention counseling and sessions. These informative programs help patients understand the mechanics of the body so that they are able to safely excel at their chosen sports and activities and avoid injuries that are often associated with specific sports.

What is ACL Risk Screenings
for student-athletes?

Tears to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee sideline more athletes for longer periods of time than almost any other acute injury. Seasons, even careers, end when the ACL tears!

Because ACL tears in the knee are so common, we suggest that all students involved in rigorous sports meet with us for counseling to prevent injuries that could sideline them indefinitely.

What our clients are saying?

“I’ve had a series of really bad injuries, because I play multiple sports at a time, such as soccer and basketball, and I run track as well. My team is very competitive, and injuries always come along with that. I came to Molski feeling really, really bad; my back was killing me, because I had gotten hit really hard, and nothing seemed to be working. I took Advil and I kept stretching, and nothing was working. So I came here, and ever since I’ve been coming here for about a month and a half, they’ve helped me immensely. Now, my team is actually going to Regional’s in South Carolina, and hoping to go to Nationals soon; and I’ll be playing right along with them.” Devon Prince, Freedom Health Centers client

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