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Inflammation / Joint Injections

Are You Suffering From Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain can change the way we live, and rob us of the simple things that dignify our existence. Fortunately, Freedom Health Centers can relieve your pain and restore physical function in a matter of hours with SUPARTZ therapy, which is combined with other recuperative treatments for lasting relief.

How Does it Work?

Affected nerves will send out pain signals when the surrounding joint is either compressed or inflamed due to arthritis, everyday wear, or injury. SUPARTZ therapy reduces inflammation and swelling in the area, which greatly diminishes the pressure on the surrounding nerves. The pain will dissipate as the pressure on the nerves are reduced. Pain relief is also immediate, due to the precise application of the treatment. Unlike conventional medication that must be delivered through the digestive and circulatory system (which is a slower, less effective method of pain management), anti-inflammation injections can deliver fast pain relief to the treated area without affecting other parts of the body. SUPARTZ therapy is also versatile, with proven effectiveness in treating soft tissue.

What Are the Advantages of SUPARTZ?

The advantages of SUPARTZ include:

Precision pain relief – pain in the targeted body part is eliminated without affecting another part of the body.
Immediate relief – many patients report feeling better before the appointment is over.
Lasting relief – one injection can relieve pain for several weeks.
Minimal (if any) side effects – no drug induced or surgical side effects and health trade offs.
Range of motion restored – move freely, perform normal routines without pain or hesitation.
Effective – Usually works where other treatments have failed.
Faster recuperation – no downtime or enforced convalescence necessary.
Slows progressive arthritis – decreases gradual deterioration by adding replacement substance to the affected joint.

What Can SUPARTZ Treat?

SUPARTZ therapy can treat many types of chronic pain, and are recommended for patients suffering from:

Back pain, muscle pain, neck pain, and other types of chronic pain
Persistent headaches and migraines
Sciatica, hip and knee problems
(Rheumatoid) Arthritis
Compressed and/or pinched nerves
Bulging discs
Shoulder inflammation, elbow and wrist problems

Choose the best solution for you

Though anti-inflammation shots are an excellent method of immediate pain relief, it cannot heal the source of your problem on its own. Lasting pain relief is only possible with true healing, and the best way to achieve this is to combine the injections with essential chiropractic and spinal therapy that targets the originating health problem.

At Freedom Health Centers, our McKinney patients can select from a comprehensive range of natural medical treatments, which include non-invasive pain relief therapies as well as advanced chiropractic care.

Take back your health

You can let chronic pain rule your life, or you can stop it right where it starts. Call us today to schedule your free consultation, and we’ll guide you to the answers you need to take back your health.

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