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Your body is full of all sorts of connective tissue that keeps the form and the shape of your body. Plus, these tissues have other responsibilities as well. There are several types of connective tissue that connect each part of your body together. If you struggle with chronic pain in one part of your body in McKinney TX, it may be a problem with one of these types of tissues. Here is an overview of the different tissues in your body, and the roles they each play.

The Different Types of Connective Tissue

There are many types of connective tissue that make up your body. Each type of tissue has a specific job, and a way that you must take care of that tissue. Typically, stretching, remaining active, and leading a healthy lifestyle will go a long way towards keeping your connective tissue functioning like it should. However, not all types of connective tissue are easy to keep healthy.

There are tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, and cartilage that make up most of your body. Plus, you also have fat tissue, which your body needs some of. Each of these types of tissue helps to protect the inside of your body, and aids in some type of movement or functionality of the body. They all need to be given vitamins and nutrients out of the foods you eat. Plus, they also need to be used regularly. Any part of the body that does not get used will begin to atrophy. If that happens, you could struggle with constant pain.

Tendons are what attach your muscles to the different structures within the body, like bones. Ligaments hold your internal organs in place, plus they also help support your bones at the joints. Bones are what hold your body upright and give you structure. They allow the muscles to be located in the right format to hold you upright. Plus, they allow for movement when combined with the other types of connective tissue. The muscles are what actually expand and contract to move your body around. Cartilage is a flexible type of connective tissue that helps give strength and mobility to different parts of the body. Fat tissue helps protect your organs and warm the body.

What Can Cause Your Connective Tissue to Become Painful in McKinney TX?

There are many different things that can damage your connective tissue. Once a bit of tissue has become damaged, it can be painful during recovery, or even longer. Sometimes when you damage connective tissue, it hurts even after recovery. This is typically due to misalignment of the tissues following the recovery process.

Not using connective tissues properly is one of the top ways that you could wind up in pain. This could be doing too many repetitive movements, or even doing something the wrong way. Slouching is a great example of what this leads to, and can leave you with extensive back pain as you get older. The more active you remain as you age, the fewer issues you are likely to face with your connective tissues. If you have not been active, the sooner you start, the sooner you will be able to realize the benefits.

Diseases can impact connective tissues as well. Things like arthritis can cause a lot of strain on your joints. This can impact many types of connective tissue, and leave you struggling with pain. Arthritis can cause your joints to become malformed over time, leaving you with constant pain despite many types of treatment. Simply growing older can also cause problems. The older we get, the more worn out some of those types of tissues can begin to wear down. This becomes especially true if you did not lead an active, healthy lifestyle up to that point. The more active you were, and the healthier you ate, the better.

Having Professional Help Can Help Relieve Pain in All Types of Connective Tissue

No matter which type of connective tissue you struggle with pain from, physical therapy is often the first step towards finding relief. This allows someone to teach you how to use your body in the right manner. When a joint becomes loose, for example, it can cause pain and lead to bigger joint issues. However, learning how to hold that joint in place and use it can help to strengthen it.

Only those who have the proper experience and education to realign your body should try and help with this. A doctor can only do so much because they have so many patients and ailments they need to cover. However, a physical therapist went to school for this. They have a unique perspective on how to help realign the body so that you can get relief.

One of the best ways to progress through your physical therapy regimen is to strengthen your body. This does not mean bulk up. It means taking the time to get each type of connective tissue in your body stronger. This allows each part of the body to move in the right manner, without pain that would otherwise slow your day.

Turn to the Professionals When Your Connective Tissue Hurts

When you struggle with pain, it can ruin your day. It can literally cause your day to go from achievable to a mountain you cannot climb in a matter of seconds. Do not let your life get sidelined by chronic pain. Take the steps to find someone that can help your body become stronger and leave the pain behind. Turn to the professionals who have experience in connective tissue regeneration. The sooner you get the process started, the sooner you can start living a life that is free from pain.

Instead of living with pain or a decreasing quality of life, turn to the experts here at Freedom Health Centers. You can call us at (972) 542-3300 right now. Then, we can set up an evaluation to see just what is going on, and then a treatment plan set up to relieve the pain in your connective tissue.


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