Regular Chiropractic Visits In McKinney TX

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

On a typical visit, you arrive at our McKinney TX chiropractic office and sign into our computerized system using your Freedom Health Centers Care Card. There you can rate any issues you may have and input any new issues through the computer screen. Then you receive your Travel Card which you keep throughout your visit so our specialists can track your progress. Once completely checked in, you wait for your appointment time in our educational and comfortable adjustment area.

We designed our adjustment area is a semi-open format; this means that the area is not a room, but an area separated by a half wall. We find this spatial configuration offers you a relaxing environment while you wait for your treatment. In the adjustment area, we’ve placed video monitors featuring a slide presentation with simple and effective educational content that you can view to discover the best ways to get and stay healthy.

Chiropractic Adjustments In McKinney TX

When it is time for your adjustment, Our Team invites you into one of our adjustment rooms. Once situated comfortably on the adjusting table, Our Team performs a motion palpation evaluation to find the subluxations that are affecting you most currently, as time and previous adjustments cause changes to your condition. Our Team then makes the most effective and comfortable adjustment for you. Lastly, they talk to you about specific home exercises you can do and what you can do nutritionally to improve your overall condition.


Your next stop, if needed, is one of our specific rehabilitation services. These can include:

  • The use of our whole body vibration machines, which help you stretch and strengthen faster
  • The use of our cold laser, which helps to decrease pain and inflammation
  • Muscle stimulation
  • Intersegmental traction

All of these services decrease pain, muscle tightness, spasms, and inflammation and increase mobility.

If you have a therapeutic massage scheduled, a therapist directs you to the massage room and works on relaxing your tight muscles and connective tissue. Our massage sessions last for either 30 minutes or one hour. You may also engage in a Functional Training Session with doctor supervision where you complete a highly specified workout built for you to activate your core and stabilize your musculature. Our customized training sessions make you stronger and more flexible, which helps you heal faster. Once finished with your treatments, you proceed to the front desk to check out of the office.

Expect your regular visits to be anywhere from 10 minutes to 70 minutes depending on Our Teams’s specific care plan for you.


8:45am - 12:00pm
2:15pm - 6:30pm

8:45am - 12:00pm
2:15pm - 6:30pm

8:45am - 12:00pm
2:15pm - 6:30pm

8:45am - 12:00pm
2:15pm - 6:30pm


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