What To Expect From Chiropractic in McKinney TX

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

You’ll immediately feel at home the moment you walk in the door of our McKinney TX chiropractic office.

Here at Freedom Health Centers we realize that convenience and comfort are important when researching chiropractors in McKinney, that’s why it is our goal to offer state-of-the-art chiropractic care in a comfortable and warm surrounding. We want you to feel right at home the moment you walk into our office.

Your First McKinney TX Chiropractic Visit

On a typical first visit to Freedom Health Centers in McKinney you can expect to be greeted in a warm, friendly manner; treated to some water, hot tea, or coffee, and made to feel welcome in our home. You will notice positive, Christian music being played on the radio and will feel the warmth of our office.

You will be asked to sign in at our front desk sign in sheet, and instructed to fill out our New Patient paperwork, if you have not already downloaded from this site and filled it out at home prior to your appointment. A short health history will then be taken by a certified chiropractic assistant.

The Consultation

After reviewing your initial paperwork, our Case Manager will ask some questions regarding your current situation, be that a problem you are having or that you wish to improve your overall well-being. As a chiropractor in McKinney, our job is to find the cause of the problems that are reducing the quality of your life.


Our Physician’s Assistant and chiropractors will then take you through a thorough evaluation all while explaining what we are finding and how that could be affecting your health. We will show you how your nervous system is your master system and controls every aspect of your body and that any disturbance to the nervous system is a stressor to your health.

Nervous System Scan

A computerized nervous system scan shows us where there is interference.

These Space Certified scans will be done which allow us to show you where the interference is taking place, and where your nervous system is being most compromised. There is a possibility we may take an x-ray of the area so we are not guessing about your health. Occasionally, we don’t take x-rays due to pregnancy or the person being very young.

Lastly, you will be scheduled for your next visit (if you haven’t done so already) so the team can review all the information we have collected and come up with a plan of action for you. At that point we will set you up for your second visit; a visit we call the “Report of Your Findings.”

This entire first visit should not take more than 45-60 minutes if you do the paperwork in the office. If you complete it at home prior to your appointment, probably 30-45 minutes.


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