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Hip pain has the ability to quickly sideline your ability to function like normal. If you are not careful, hip pain in McKinney TX can make it to where you miss out on having fun during your life. There are quite a few different things that can cause your hip to hurt. Some people struggle with pain from being in a bad position, while others have pain from an injury or an ailment. Figuring out where your pain comes from is the best way to ensure you can get past it. When you know where the pain originated, you can figure out the best treatment options to allow the problem to heal.

Where Your Hip Pain May Come From in McKinney TX

There are several causes of hip pain to be aware of. Something like a fall, bump, or accident can leave your hip hurting. This can lead to pain you feel immediately, or even pain that shows up hours or days later. You can also struggle with pain in your hip from something far more mundane, like standing in the wrong position for an extended period of time. If your job requires squatting or leaning, this can make your hip hurt even when you are not in that position.

Having a back that is out of alignment can also lead to pain in your hip. While you may only think your back would hurt, that is not the case. A misaligned back can lead to pain in your back, shoulders, or neck going up, or hips, knees, or even your ankles going down your body.

Some physical ailments can also lead to pain in your legs and hips. This is most predominantly seen in problems like arthritis. However, that is not the only ailment that can cause pain. You can get burrs on the head of your femur, making the hip painful to move around. You can also struggle with pain coming from a stretched or torn ligament or tendon in your hip. Both of these problems can lead to pain that lasts a long time, and would require assistance to heal properly.

Broken hips can also be incredibly painful. This can happen as the result of a fall, or even as a result of low bone density. Hip dislocation is also possible, and happens most often when a person falls directly on their hip. This requires extensive treatment to correct.

Are Surgeries or Painkillers Good at Managing Hip Pain?

When the pain in your hip comes from a broken bone, then surgery is one of the only options you have to truly feel better. However, in all other circumstances, you should only consider surgery as a last resort option. The recovery time can be extensive, and the pain can be difficult to manage. The same goes with pharmaceuticals. You want to avoid them as a way of relieving your hip pain. If you were to rely on medication to be out of pain, two things are likely to happen.

First, your body may come to depend on the medication for any type of relief. Second, you may injure your hip worse. When you use painkillers regularly, you do not feel pain in the affected joint as much. This could result in you using the joint too much, leaving you worse off than you were in the beginning. That may also remove options that would otherwise have been able to bring you relief, from being an option.

What Options Are Good for Managing Hip Pain?

Luckily, there are many different options for managing hip pain. The first option is simply resting the hip for a short time. You want to rest and leave your hip still for a few hours when you first notice pain. However, you have to make sure that you do not rest for too long. Joints, including hips, lock up when they sit idle for too long. You should rest some, but also make sure to move it around some. Use gentle movements to keep it lubricated, but don’t overdo anything.

You can also have someone massage the area that hurts. This is great when you have stiffness in a joint, but it does not hurt to the touch. You can also combine massage with a chiropractic adjustment if you believe that any type of misalignment is to blame for your pain. Most of the time, this brings about a lot of relief when done on a regular basis.

Over the counter medications can also help when you have minor, short-term hip pain. You should try and take one that reduces inflammation, such as ibuprofen, as that will keep the swelling down better. Take it on a regular schedule for a day or two and see if it helps. Just make sure you take it according to the directions on the bottle.

Physical therapy also helps with many types of hip pain. It teaches your hip how to move properly, reducing the chances of you suffering from unnecessary pain. This can help the joint heal up properly, and it can increase how flexible and mobile the joint is. If you were unable to move around regularly when your pain started, this is the best solution for you to start with.

What if More Than One Treatment Works?

Here at Freedom Health Centers, we often find that no single treatment works well enough for our clients to be completely out of pain. However, when we combine numerous types of treatment, they get more relief. Most people get some relief from massages, and a bit more from medication. However, putting them together increases their relief. Then, adding in some physical therapy or an alignment brings them more relief. So, we try numerous types of treatments with them and see which have the best results. We then take those results and make a custom treatment plan to help relieve their specific pain and help them heal.

Combining treatments may be the best way to resolve your pain. Reach out to the professionals here at Freedom Health Centers. Call us now at (972) 542-3300 today, and let us help understand and treat your hip pain.


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