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Most people take their tendons for granted in McKinney TX until they find that they hurt. This can be from something simple, like walking too long, or something bigger, like an injury. When it comes to pain in your tendons, there are a few things you can do to treat it. However, ignoring the pain is not going to help. Here are a few things to know about the tendons in your body, and how to properly care for them. The more you know now, the less likely you are to injure them down the line.

What Are Tendons Made Of?

Tendons are a bunch of fibers, bunched together and made from collagen. The job of the tendon is to hold muscles and bones together. Plus, tendons also attach your muscles to different structures of your body, like to your eyeball. The tensile strength of tendons is far higher than that of other tissues within the body. They are bunches of collagen twisted together with the intention of transferring the force behind a muscle contraction to the attached structure or bone. This is what causes movement. A tendon is a lot of tiny threads of collagen bunched into bundles. Then, a bunch of those bundles are put together, and that is what causes the tendon to become so strong.

How Should You Take Care of Your Tendons in McKinney TX?

Tendons are not exactly flexible, but they do have some give to them. They need to be able to move around to help provide movement from the structures they are attached to. The best way to avoid pain from a tendon or other piece of connective tissue in your body is to stretch it. While you cannot stretch your tendons to increase how flexible they are, you can make them a bit looser with regular stretching. When you get up in the morning, stretch your entire body. This means taking the time to stretch from your head to your toes. There are lots of tendons in your body, from your hands and feet, to your ankles and wrists. Even your hips, shoulders, and back have tendons that need stretching. By starting off your day with a stretch, it can help you avoid some of the most common injuries.

Types of Injuries Common to Tendons

Any tendon in your body has the ability to fall to injury. It is not just one or two that tend to get hurt. Some of the most common areas to hurt include shoulders, knees, heels, elbows, and wrists. Some injuries happen due to repeatedly using a tendon and stretching it to the max. This includes things like a pitcher’s shoulder or a typist’s wrist. That is where those common ailments often get their names as well, like pitcher’s shoulder. This is often due to the repetition that comes with how those parts of the body get used.

Other injuries happen from someone doing something that physically hurt them. This includes a fall, car accident, banging into something, or just getting hurt in some way. This can cause the tendon to become inflamed and hurt. The more inflammation your tendon has, the harder it is to move, and the more it hurts. The best thing you can do when you suffer from some type of tendon injury is to rehab it properly through physical therapy and guided movements.

Aging can also lead to problems with your tendons. As we get older, we struggle with more diseases, such as arthritis. This can cause the tendons to become sore, stiff, and make moving harder. Plus, as we get older, we tend to move less. This means that those connective tissues are not getting stretched as they once did from use. This makes moving more difficult because the tendons simply do not have the same amount of use. In order to avoid this, you need to get active when young, and stay that way your entire life.

Treating Painful or Injured Tendons

When a tendon gets hurt, you need to rehab it. You need to take the time to work it out the right way. The best way to do this is through physical therapy. Your physical therapist is going to help you learn how to work with the tendon you have, and get it more elastic. They will teach you how to keep the joint or the structure of your body working properly. Plus, they will teach you how to keep moving without the worry of reinjury.

Sometimes, you can begin to feel better from an injury if you fix the problem. This is the case when your body gets misaligned in some way. It may be a slight issue, such as moving the wrong way causing a pinched nerve. Or, it could also be a major issue, such as a slipped disc in your back. Both of these can cause issues with the tendons involved. The best way to manage this type of pain is through a chiropractic adjustment. This puts the body parts that got out of alignment, back into alignment. After a bit of time, the pain from the initial problem will decrease. That will help you get your life back.

When you struggle with the pain of an inflamed tendon, you need to seek the right type of pain relief. The best thing to do is get the problem diagnosed first. Then, you can go through and figure out the best method of being able to ease your pain. While living with pain is an option, it is not a good option. Instead, seek out the help of someone trained in helping provide pain relief. The last thing you want to do is struggle to maintain a good quality of life.

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