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“I’ve had a series of really bad injuries, because I play multiple sports at a time, such as soccer and basketball, and I run track as well. My team is very competitive, and injuries always come along with that. I came to Molski feeling really, really bad; my back was killing me, because I had gotten hit really hard, and nothing seemed to be working. I took Advil and I kept stretching, and nothing was working. So I came here, and ever since I’ve been coming here for about a month and a half, they’ve helped me immensely. Now, my team is actually going to Regional’s in South Carolina, and hoping to go to Nationals soon; and I’ll be playing right along with them.”

- Devon P.

"This place is the one stop shop for everything! Nutrition, chiropractic, and so much more! The atmosphere is great, and I always feel so calm when I come in! Laura is my nutritional therapist and she is doing so much to help me. She goes above and beyond, and I’ll always be grateful!! It’s 5 stars in my opinion!"

- Kimberly P.

"Freedom Health Centers is AMAZING! From rehab and pain management, to chiropractic, and now to wellness coaching, I have enjoyed and benefited from my journey here! I cannot recommend this office enough!"

- Dakota P.

"I can’t recommend this place enough! My back pain was excruciating, couldn’t sit or stand without discomfort. I’m back to doing my normal activities and more. The staff is outstanding, personable and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. They do an extensive work up before treatment."

- Cindy C.

"Came in back in July with a ton of symptoms- brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and the messed-up shoulder that brought me in to begin with. Not only is my shoulder healed, but my whole body has begun the healing process, thanks to FHC leaving no stone unturned. I’ve discovered some minor issues that probably would not have been discovered elsewhere.

Brought the kiddos in for their evals and first adjustments and they did fantastic! Drs. Molski and Wright have excellent table-side manners (along with the rest of the crew!) which made a pleasant experience for all of us.

Very highly recommend."

- Kimberly G.


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